The MEET Network is actively transforming ecotourism into a viable alternative for the Mediterranean region, supporting protected areas to develop high quality conservation focused ecotourism products while shifting the market perception of the Mediterranean offer toward our 4C Tourism model: Conservation, Compassion, Connection, and Community.

MEET is a conservation project at its core, designed to support parks in the Mediterranean which play a critical role in protecting the region´s threatened biodiversity. During the last 5 years, several Mediterranean conservation and development organizations have collaborated with public authorities in establishing a new model for Mediterranean ecotourism. This approach focuses on the development, management, and promotion of ecotourism products in protected areas that benefit conservation. The MEET model has been designed to be coherent with the Mediterranean region´s unique assets and particularities.

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Our Story

The MEET Network was initially formed at the end of 2015. More than 35 protected areas along with highly respected travel and conservation organizations across 10 countries, have worked together to develop a high-quality eco-travel portfolio for the Mediterranean region.

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Download the MEET Manual to learn more about our methodology for organizing local ecotourism clusters and creating high-quality products.

MEET Theory of Change

We expect the Mediterranean ecotourism sector to improve significantly thanks to MEET. How so?


From Projects to Network

MEET has received more than €6M funding from EU programs such as Interreg Med´s DestiMED Project and ENPI CBC MED Program.


Partners who have been with us on this journey include: